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A truly bilingual English/Japanese language specialist, with more than 20 years of interpretation and translation experience in Japan and the USA across a wide range of disciplines – technical and scientific, medical, academics, tourism and more – offering professional, knowledgeable, accurate and natively-accented bilingual support in English and Japanese.

Service is primarily in Sapporo, Japan. Assignments in other regions of Japan, and internationally, are possible depending on specifics. Rates vary based on level of technicality and/or urgency. Please feel free to contact me for further details or a quote.

telephone: +81 (0)90-6875-3978

Experience, Education and Credentials
      23 years working experience as an interpreter and translator in Japan and the USA
      BA in English and English Literature, Hokusei Gakuen University
      TOEIC score: 975 / 990
      Member of Hokkaido International Communicators Association (HICOM) http://www.hi-com.org

Technical/scientific conferences, medical/veterinary consultation, tourism, cultural exchange, academics, and all aspects
of everyday life
    Notable Assignments
          International Union of Microbiological Societies, Sapporo 2011
          APEC 2010
          Snow Removal Management Study - Aomori, Japan / Anchorage, Alaska
          Anchorage Japanese School

          Numerous medical and veterinary assignments
          Colorado State University

Manuals, patents, abstracts, catalogs, advertisements and websites
    Notable Clients
          Caterpillar Inc.          Hach Company
          Snap-On Tools         White Wave Foods


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